• Restoring Old Paintwork

    Restoring Old Paintwork

    It is possible to resurrect dull and faded paintwork without having to pay out for a full respray. There are many factors that cause your paintwork to become faded...

  • How to Stop Rust

    How to Stop Rust

    We all hate rust - and with good reason. Even the smallest area can not only ruin the appearance of an otherwise perfect car, it can also spread!...

  • Reducing the Cost of Motoring

    Reducing the Cost of Motoring

    The cost of running a car has hit all-time highs in recent years. The reasons? Fuel prices have climbed to a record level; road tax for high-emissions cars has also risen...

  • Choosing the Best Colour

    Choosing the Best Colour

    It should be easy - pick your car, then select your favourite colour. Oh, if only it were that simple! Picking the bright Ford Focus may have seemed like a good idea at the time...

  • How to Buy a Used Car

    How to Buy a Used Car

    The key to a successful used car purchase is to be thorough. Know what you are looking for, stick to your guns and stick to your budget...

  • Europa Utopia

    Europa Utopia

    Back in March this year we were contacted by a Mr Robert Barrett from Great Leighs in Essex. He told us of his 1971 Lotus Europa S2 which was in bad need of a repaint...

  • 280ZX Restoration

    280ZX Restoration

    As featured in Zclub Magazine. For those of you who think the 280ZX is a bloated 2+2 luxury cruiser – think again. Although the UK market had the coupe (two seater model) in small quantities from 1978 to late 1981, it was still not the car that other markets enjoyed...